Elite Gym Membership

45 minute complimentary PT session in the gym with Inspirit on joining

Full use of the Gym

Access to 1 class per week

1 icepod session per quarter (additional sessions available with 25% discount)

Basic observations health check via AssureHealth

4 x Vitamin B12 Injections via AssureHealth (1 per quarter)

1 x Vitamin IV drip via AssureHealth (only available when signing up for a full year - not available on a 3 month membership)

20% off Food and Drinks in Our River Restaurant and Lowry Lounge

10% off Spa treatments

10% off all classes

20% off AssureHealth services

5% off 1-2-1 guided meditation sessions with Excellence.One

Terms & Conditions


1.1 References to ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘yours’ are the references to the individual completing the membership application form.

References to ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ are references to The Lowry Hotel Spa at The Lowry Hotel, 50 Dearmans Place,Salford,Manchester,M35LH.

The “agreement” means the membership agreement entered into between you and us, which incorporates the application form, questionnaire, spa rules and these terms and conditions.


A “ Prepaid member” is a spa member who pays the subscription fee twelve months in advance.


The Joining Fee means the one-off spa fee, which subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, is non-refundable. For the avoidance of doubt the joining fee shall include all administrative fees applicable to joining the spa.

The subscription fee means the twelve month subscription fee, payable in full in advance.

1.2 Your membership agreement applies only to The Lowry Hotel skin spa. The Spa has its own rules. These are available from the spa. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you acknowledge that you have received a copy of the spa rules and agree to the content.

2. Membership duration

2.1 Subject to section 2.3 and 2.4, the membership period is twelve months commencing on the day following receipt of your joining fee and the subscription fee, the joining fee and the first payment towards the subscription fee.

2.2 If you are a prepaid member, unless your membership has been brought to an end early in accordance of this agreement, we will write to you giving you not less than 4 weeks’ notice of the expiry of the twelve month term and offering you the opportunity to renew your membership for twelve months. Our letter to you will indicate the new subscription fee payable for the next year and any other revised terms.

2.3 If within 7 days of the commencement of your membership you wish to terminate this agreement you must notify the The Lowry Spa in writing within that 7 day period, in which case we will agree to terminate the agreement and refund the subscription fee, less an administrative charge (currently £35.00) as in place from time to time.

2.4 You will be issued with a membership card, which remains on our property. On termination of this agreement for any reason, you must return it to us. For the avoidance of doubt, you will be charged for any replacement cards required during your membership with the spa.


3. The basic fee structure comprises a joining fee and a subscription fee. All published fees and other charges are inclusive of VAT.

3.1 We have the right to review the joining fee and subscription fee at any time. We currently implement an annual price review to the joining fee and subscription fee on 1st October each year.

If you are a prepaid member the price review in the subscription fee will not affect you until you renew your membership under section 2.2 at the end of the twelve month period.

3.2 We have the right to review all other fees and charges at any time.

3.3 - Spa membership ; If you are a prepaid spa member you are entitled to a 50 minute treatment for each month of your membership. Your allocated 50 minute treatment is allocated to the given month and is unable to be carried across or accrued to use in further months. Should you miss your monthly appointment you will therefore have forfeited your right to redeem the treatment. Treatments may be carried over, only whereby membership suspension has occurred following written confirmation to The Lowry Spa with 30 days notice and agreement between both parties. Prepaid memberships can carry over a maximum of 2 treatments by way of extending the membership by 2 months.

b) As per the spa’s cancellation policy for all guests - the same applies to spa membership. The spa operates a 48 hour cancellation policy and therefore any cancellations within 48 hours will result in a loss of 30 minutes of treatment time. Any cancellations within 12 hours will result in total loss of monthly treatment. For any additional chargeable treatments within the month the cancellation policy withstands to charge a cancellation fee of 50% of treatment cost for cancellations made within 48 hours and 100% of treatment cost for any cancellations made within 12 hours.


4.1 You agree to pay the joining fee, the subscription fee and all other applicable charges;

4.2 To apply with spa rules

4.3 To observe in particular all health and safety rules regarding usage of the spa;

4.4 To use the spa facilities in accordance with all usage instructions, not to abuse the equipment and facilities and to conduct yourself in an orderly manner so not to interfere with other members use or enjoyment of the spa and its facilities.

5 Cancellations by us

5.1 Subject to 2.4, if you are a prepaid member and wish to cancel the agreement early ahead of the twelve month period, we will not make a refund of the joining fee, subscription fee or any part thereof. For the avoidance of doubt, the cancellation terms defined herein should not be construed as a penalty.

5.2 After the initial 12 months period, you can terminate your membership at any time upon one month’s written notice. During any such notice period you will have the normal rights of a member to use the spa and you will have to pay the appropriate proportion of the membership fees.

5.3 In addition to our termination rights under section 6 below we may terminate the agreement on 30 days written notice for any reason by providing written notice. For example, we may have taken the decision to close the spa permanently .if you are a prepaid member a proportionate amount of the subscription fee will be repaid to you for the unexpired duration.

6 Termination of Breach

6.1 we may terminate your membership:

(a) If fees are not paid when due and remain unpaid following 14 calendar days’ notice from the spa.

(b) Immediately at our absolute discretion if you are in serious breach of this agreement or commit repeated minor breaches.

If we do terminate your membership for any of these reasons you shall not be entitled to any repayment of the joining fee or subscription fee.


7.1 Provided that all fees have been paid and are up to date you have the right to suspend your membership for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 4 months in any one calendar year. You must do this by writing to the spa giving no less than 30 days’ notice of the date upon which you wish your membership to be suspended. The period of suspension shall be for whole months only, and not for any lesser period.

7.2 If you are a prepaid member the agreement expiry date will be extended by the period of suspension for a maximum of 2 months.

7.3 In all cases a reasonable monthly suspension fee will be payable to cover our additional administrative costs. We will provide details of the fee upon request.

8. We reserve the right to close areas of the spa for up to 14 days in any one calendar year for the purposes of carrying out repairs, refurbishments, and maintenance, whether routine or extraordinary in nature. Should any closure beyond 14 days or if the spa is closed for these reasons for more than14 days in a calendar year, we will refund you a proportionate amount of the subscription fee for the closure period exceeding 14 days.

9. Guests

9.1 You are entitled to bring 2 guests with in the year membership to the spa who may the spa facilities on payment of the applicable £15 guest charge. Guests must be accompanied by you at all times.

9.2 Guest admittance may be restricted at certain peak times at the sole discretion of the Spa.

9.3 You are responsible for ensuring that your guests comply with the spa rules and you must not leave the spa before your guests.

9.4 You may not introduce a guest who has been previously rejected as a member or who has had membership terminated or suspended. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion of the spa.

10. Corporate membership

10.1 Corporate membership rates are available for companies/firms or other commercial businesses introducing 6 or more members. They may include three employees and their family members or partners.

10.2 Section 7 (membership suspension) does not apply to cooperate members and if at any time and for any reason the number of members under the corporate membership falls below 6 you will have 30 days to remedy that situation falling which the membership will be reclassified as individual agreements with us and they will be charged a supplement to align the fees for individuals for the balance of the twelve month period.

12. Liability

Excluding personal injury or death, we shall not be liable to any member, guest or other party for loss or damage of whatsoever kind arising from the use of the spa whether caused by negligence or otherwise on the part of the spa, its employees or any other party involved, whether directly or indirectly expect as provided by statute (where such provision cannot be excluded by contract) or arising by virtue of any provision hereunder. Any liability shall be limited to the value of the services.

13. Variation of terms

We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions, including the spa rules at any time, to reflect changes in connection with the management and operation of the spa. Unless the changes are due for health and safety reasons or essential to safeguard our interests and those of our members or hotel guests, we will use reasonable efforts to give you 10 days’ notice before any change takes effect by displaying an appropriate notice in the spa.

14. Personal information

14.1 We use the personal information you provide to us in deciding whether to accept your membership application. That information, and any other personal information you provide to us, is collected and processed by us so that we can provide you with our services and handle your requests.

14.2 We also process your personal information to monitor and analyse our business, and for marketing and communication purposes in connection with both our own products and services and those of other companies in the group. Communication with you may be by email. In this connection personal information may also be disclosed to agents or third parties engaged by us or other members of The Lowry Hotel in marketing and communication activities. For the avoidance of doubt, all processing of personal information shall be carried out in accordance with the Data Protection act 1998 as amended from time to time.

14.3 By ticking the box in the application form you have indicated your preference not to be contacted by us or any other members of the Hotel. If you have ticked the box, we will refrain from doing so.

15.4 You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold on you, and to have any inaccuracies corrected. All correspondence regarding personal data must be sent in writing to our data controller. Contact details, along with applicable time scales and charges, are available at the spa.

15. General

15.1 we may transfer any of our rights and liabilities under this agreement. We will notify you of any such transfer.

15.2 you must write to inform us of change in the personal details you have provided to us. If you fail to notify us of a change of address, any communications will be deemed to have been received by you 5 days after posting by us.

15.3 in the event of any disagreement in the interpretation of the spa rules, our decision is final.

15.4 this agreement may not be assigned at any time by you.

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